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Prior to delivery all controllers are tested on a special teststation.

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For configuring gearCONTROL.846 on a Windows machine 3 main input masks were designed.

special channel,

In addition, there is a dialog to set up and test the pulse width modulated signals coming from the rc reciever, see the image on the left.

gearCONTROL.846 was originally intended to provide a gear controller for glattCAD D. H. 88 Cometīs screw jack driven landing gear. But this small controller based on an ARDUINO Ū platform can do much more!

In the RC airplane and functional modelling domains it can handle multiple control tasks - summarized:

● Control of up to 8 servos or electronic speed controllers ESCs (channels) for legs, gear doors, speed brakes, etc.
● Reading of up to 8 limit switches (with control of ESCs).
● 8 configurable in-/out speeds.
● 4 special channels, e. g.  for light, flashing light, rotating beacon, siren on/off, etc.; both positive and negative logic.
● Consideration of mutual channel dependences embedded in up to 6 parallel freely configurable sequences.
● Runtime monitoring for ESCs.
● Direct influence on the special channels by transmitterīs second RC output.
● Behaviour of gear an light alternatively generated from one or two RC channelsī information.
● Seperated power supply pins (input) for gearCONTROL.846, servos and special channels.

gearCONTROL.846 consists of two parts,

● a small hardware module in dual layer technology (image shows lab version), built up of microprocessor, programm and data memory, USB port and a whole range of pins, as well as

● a PC software, with which the controller can individually be adjusted to the desired application.

The settings at channel, image below, include the following data for each of the 8 channels:

● Type of encoder connected (servo or ESC).

● With ESC (for screw jack drive),
   - speed of motor connected to ESC, separately for insertion and retraction,
   - center setting (ESC stop) between forward and backward,
   - ESC monitoring time for safety stops if no limit switch has been reached,
   - number of the limit switch signalling the end position, for insertion and retraction respectively.

● With servo,
   - servoīs end position, for insertion and retraction respectively,
   - servoīs starting position, with switching the controller on,
   - servoīs runtime between the positions in and out.

When entering data on either of the 3 input masks a test function has been implemented allowing for an immediate check of the current values.

So you can instantaneously experience the gearCONTROL.846 being linked to the PC via USB and the already connected encoders in action.


for retractable landing gear
, gear doors, light and special functions


New, additional functions for special channels!

Programming of sequences allows to put the channels in a defined order to determine how they shall be treated.

Up to 6 sequences are provided, hence a simultaneous control of the channels is feasible, e. g. the gear legsī movements or doors at the same time.
Between the actions programmable breaks can be inserted.

By including a special channel into the sequence(s). e. g. a landing light may be switched on immediately after the front gear was retracted.
Additionally special channels can also be controlled by a second RC channel independently from the sequences of the landing gear. By means of programming the RC transmitter each of the special channels will then be activated via its assigned transmitter pushbutton.

This panel serves testing and demonstrating gearCONTROL.846īs functionality.
Two retractable gear sytems - jack and servo driven - as well as six gear doors and four LEDs have been integrated into the acrylic glass panel.

The tiny controller can be seen between the gearīs wheels. For configuration purposes it is still connected via USB to the PC in this picture.